Wednesday Wedding Etiquette

As a wedding planer I am often asked wedding etiquette questions, but one question that comes up often is “what is the correct way of addressing place cards?” or “do I need place cards, seating chart and table numbers”

First of all is depends on the style of your wedding, if your wedding is more casual, table numbers with a professional printed seating chart, listing all the names alphabetically works really well.  When the guests arrive at the wedding reception they can find their names, table numbers and simply go to their table.  Easy for you to organize and easy for the guest!

For more formal and upscale weddings, wedding etiquette rules still apply.  I would suggest a seating chart with assigned seating and table numbers.  Table numbers and place cards can all be part of the overall design your table.  At the entrance of the reception place the seat chart with place cards on a table with a white or specialty linen or place the place cards on the assigned table.

How to correctly word wedding place cards, is a wedding etiquette question that I am often asked in the final stages of wedding planning.  Always be consistent in how you write each guests name. For example:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith or Mr. Smith and Guest or Mrs. Smith (widow)


Mr. and Mrs. John Smith or Mr. John Smith and Guest or Mrs. Jenifer Smith (widow)


Jane and John Smith or James Smith and Guest or Jenifer Smith (widow)

Another idea is to use your wedding favors such as bottle of wine or a jar of jelly specifically from Michigan, simply add name tags.  You have a wedding favor for your guests to take home and a place card that will look super pretty on your wedding reception table.

Any other wedding etiquette questions you can always ask your super helpful wedding planner at or email me at [email protected]

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