Congratulations you are engaged now what??

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“I am so excited and can’t wait for my wedding day but how do I get from today to my wedding without feeling really overwhelmed”

“So I have started researching venues but there so are many, how do I narrow it down to couple to visit?

I hear this often, for most this will be the largest celebration you will ever plan, it can be overwhelming.  As weddings become bigger, more elaborate and detailed, there are more moving parts and more likely that something can go not quite right.  

In the last month I have felt the need to write this post to illustrate the need for a professional planner.  As I reflect on this after the peak of wedding season, these hiccups have happened recently.

In the last few months I have seen a few examples of “not going quite right”:

This is the reality of event and wedding planning, 95% of the time everything will run smoothly but the above examples do happen and without professionals it can be a struggle and an added stress on the wedding day.

1.  We are professional wedding planners

This is my full time job and I am a professional event planner that specializes in weddings.  I am passionate about weddings and will execute your wedding day flawlessly so this is the BEST day of your life.  This means I have planned countless weddings, from the very large to an eight person wedding and everything in between.  Each wedding is different and I have learned so much from each one of those and you will benefit from all of this expertise.

2.  We know all the best vendors

I often think of this a match making.  Knowing my couples personalities and knowing which vendors will be the best fit.  Not just in style and budget, but how all the personalities will fit together. This is so important, I have seen time and time again where the vendors personality does not quite mesh with the couples.  Although nothing terrible happens, it could have been a little smoother.

We work with many vendors every week from every category and different budget level.  We also see different contracts, the one page contracts to the 10 page contracts. Know what to negotiate on and where it doesn’t make sense to.  Where you can save money or don’t really need that particular service from the vendor.

3.  We are your neutral person

Your engaged and everyone has an opinion, from your aunt, to your friend who was married two years ago.  It can become overwhelming and just too many opinions. I have seen all types of weddings from the formal to the super casual.  I can tell you what works and what doesn’t really work. Or if your Aunt wants you to use her cake topper but it does not really work with your vision of your day.   I will be honest with you and tell if it really doesn’t work and we can work through how to kindly tell your aunt that is it not going to work.

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Bringing together the Big Picture

Details, details and more details.  We see the big picture, as we are the producer of your wedding day.  Creating the detailed timeline so that everything runs very smoothly, the photographer, videographer are in the right places at the right time, the food will be ready but not ready too soon so the food is overcooked.  Every event we plan is executed flawlessly.

I am passionate about wedding planning – creating, organizing, and executing flawless events. Bringing your vision to life.  One of my greatest joys, is really getting to know a couple, working and planning their day together.  When the day finally comes, seeing the smiling faces the amazement of seeing all of those details we planned and carefully thought through come together.  Of course when they walk down the aisle a little nervous but so happy. Perfection!!

If you’re ready to hire a planner, I cannot wait to meet you. It will be one of the best wedding investments you decide to make.

3 reasons to hire a wedding planner, simply brilliant events

Visit my Galleries to see more of my work.  Videos help capture the day and overall feel of the event.

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