A Look Back at Weddings in 2014

2014 was an amazing year for all the different and interesting weddings Simply Brilliant Events has had the pleasure to envision, create and plan with so many very special couples and their families

My favorite moments:

1.  One of two weddings on Wolverine Lake, both of the weddings very different but I miss you all!


2.  The second wedding on the lake, across the lake from the first, using both the front and back of the house with multiple tents.  An amazing evening with an upscale dinner party for 200!


3. The prettiest transformation has to be at The Taste of History, by day an everyday restaurant in Greenfield Village, Michigan but by night a fabulous venue with just candlelight’s, beautiful.


5. Beautiful Cakes, so many pretty, pretty cakes.


Schneider Wedding_0012 Schneider Wedding_0015



6.  Ready to party, Alisa and Donald and their wedding party were so ready to have a good time.  From the very start they were such fun to be with, including the three different dress changes and stunning cake.  Watch the video and enjoy!

Alisa + Donald Wedding Reel from Evis Mecolli “Visi Productions” on Vimeo.

7.  Favourite fall cocktail, apple pie on the rocks.  One of the last sunny fall days in October, the perfect day for Caitlin and Mike’s wedding.

Schneider Wedding_0020


8.  Most amazing transformation, Frankenmuth Brewery just a couple of days ago.  The venue is all wood and bare brick.  With drapes, amazing lighting and creative design it was transformed into a very different venue.  Take a look at the unprofessional images.

Frankenmuth Brewery

9.  The coolest bride in action, love this shot!

Nicole in Action


10. Thankful for all the amazing brides and groom, mom’s, dad’s, caring aunts, special sisters and wonderful families that I have the honor to be part of for this special time in their lives.  

Schneider Wedding_0001


Love every minute of it and can’t wait for 2015!

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