The ABC Bridal Panel……..

A very interesting evening with the Association of Bridal Consultants at the Royal Park Hotel, Rochester meeting with a group of lovely past brides on the “bridal panel”.    Here are a few nuggets of information that you might find useful.

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1.  A resounding YES, they would hire a wedding planner for their wedding again.  Why?  A wedding planning will react to a situation in a professional manner and not a emotional one as would a bride or someone close to her like her mom.

2. An idea from one of the photographers, why not have a photographer at your rehearsal dinner?  The bridal panel thought this was a great idea, as this is when everyone is relaxed and often telling past stories about the couple.

3. When sending out your RSVP cards number each card and have a spreadsheet with the corresponding name on it.  Why?  When a RSVP card comes back with no name on it you will know who it is from.

What great ideas!

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