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Often when planning a wedding I work with vendors that are new to Simply Brilliant Events.  Of course I speak to everyone connected to the wedding beforehand but on the day we say hello in passing.  Kim from Carriage House Designs, Howell, MI and I have done just that at a few weddings this year.  I had admired her floral designs from a far and wanted to know more about Kim and of course Carriage House Designs.

How long has Kim been in the business?

Kim, began working in the world of flowers at the age of 14!  Started her own business 20 years ago with Carriage House Design.  

Where does the name of Carriage House Design come from?

It was the name of the house that she lived in once but only for a very short time!  

What do you like about working in the wedding industry?

The wedding industry is always changing.  The different design trends to the different seasons, especially for floral design and especially for weddings.  It is never boring and always interesting!

Favorite part of the wedding?

The very last moments when everything comes together, after discussing the colors and flowers for so long it is always amazing to see it all come together.

What do you wish brides knew about florists?

Kim laughed at that question!  How many flowers it really takes for one of the tight bouquets.  A whole table filled with flowers is used to create just one brides bouquet.

Amazing work from Kim at one of the previous weddings we have worked on. 


Amazing work from Carriage House Designs
Amazing work from Carriage House Designs

It was such a treat to get to know one of the local designer and her store, is such much fun to look around. 

Next time you are in Howell, Michigan, visit Carriage House Design at 119 N Michigan Ave




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