My Story

Nicola Wilson started her career as a corporate event planner in her native London. After moving to Michigan, she combined her love of weddings and event expertise and founded Simply Brilliant Events in 2012.  The corporate event world taught her how to deal with almost anything, and she brings that know-how (and her soothing British accent) to couples across Michigan.

Her favorite moment during a wedding is when a just-married couple walks back down the aisle together, beaming and full of love. 

When she and her husband moved to Detroit, the plan was to come for just a year, but they loved it so much that they’ve stayed for 16 years! Detroit is now home for Nicola, and she and her husband have two children and a sassy (but loveable!) golden doodle named Roxy 

What do I miss when I go back to London?  Target and Starbucks would be the first two things that come to mind and what do I miss when I come to home to Michigan, lots of cups of tea and a really good curry, there is nothing quite like a British curry!

Genavieve Cox



Genavieve’s experience with event coordinating came from a natural love for detail, organization, and planning. Her background is in business and relationship management which aids is the overall experience for couples and logistics of the event. Genavieve’s favorite part of a wedding is the set up. She loves seeing all of the months of design planning come together; watching a vision come to life!

Courtney Giard



Courtney brings a bright and energetic spirit to the team that gives clients an amazing experience from start to finish. After getting to know a couple so well for months, she loves hearing the toasts to the bride and groom on their wedding day. 

Flawless ceremony and reception thanks to Nicola and her special talent. She was irreplaceable and kept the events of the evening flowing, giving me peace of mind. Amazing!