All of Your Questions Answered

How long has Simply Brilliant Events been in business?

Simply Brilliant Events has been in business since 2012, wanting to provide a wonderful experience that is perfectly planned, designed to reflect clients own style and your wedding is not just another wedding to us, we truly do care about every couple and their wedding that we plan.

Why did you decide to become a wedding planner?

When I lived in London, UK I planned larger conferences and corporate events for different businesses.  I really enjoyed the planning but wanted to have a more personal relationship with my clients.  Wedding planning was the perfect fit, planning, design and working with lots of lovely people.

What makes you an expert on planning weddings?

When I decided to become a wedding planner, I took many courses to make sure that I knew every detail of wedding planning.  But really, my expertise has come from planning many weddings, every wedding is different.  I have planned weddings from many different cultures, different venues and different needs from a very small wedding to weddings with over 800 guests!

I also like to attend as many industry events as I can, to keep up on the latest trends and ideas and every couple of years I will attend an industry conference in Vegas.

I am an expert on planning weddings due to my attention to detail and expertise.

How many planners are there at Simply Brilliant Events?

Nicola is the lead planner, but there are 1 or 2 additional wedding planners on staff with one assistant and assistants that are interns.  All staff are trained by Nicola in everything wedding related.

How many weddings does Simply Brilliant Events do a year?

Anything between 30 – 35 weddings a year.

When I have booked with Nicola, will she be lead planner?

Yes, if Nicola has committed to your wedding she will be the lead planner.  If Nicola is already booked, we will tell you who you planner will be and you will have the opportunity to meet the planner before you sign the contract.

Will you travel?

Yes please! Love to travel but there are additional charges for me to travel, mileage and staying in hotel most likely the night before, after the rehearsal and the night of the wedding.

Do you have past clients that we can talk to?

I can’t give out my clients details, but I can direct you to Love Notes here or The Knot here.

If there is a question that has not been answered here, please contact Simply Brilliant Events.

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